Walk along bustling Monkey Forest Road in Ubud and you won’t miss Cinta Grill, Ubud’s fun watering hole. The lively inviting ambience of our spacious garden will beckon to you; the food and drinks will convince you to return again and again.
Meet friends, or make new ones, for a cocktail at our buzzing bar; time it right and you'll get in on our two-for-one afternoon Sundowners-you can't miss with our own house creation, the Kaffir Mango Mojito. Then choose to dine at one of our thatched-roof dining pavillions or chill on the cushions in our private pavilion and watch the parade of passersby.
Cinta Grill's menu has tantalizing surprises in store, all epitomizing Bali Good Food’s reputation for freshness and taste. Offering a wide array of global favorites, from salads and pastas to curries and stir-fries, you can start off with Grilled Sourdough bathed in a Gorgonzola Cream, fresh vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls from Thailand, or good ol’ tangy Buffalo Wings.
For an authentic taste of Bali, try Pepes Ikan, our fresh fish grilled in banana leaf, assorted satés, and other savory items off the grill. Venturing further into Asia, you can take a curry tour, from Javanese White Chicken to South Indian Fish or vegan North Indian Chick Pea, and then drop into Thailand for Green Curry (vegan and meat options) and Vietnam for Prawns in Yellow Curry. All these curries feature spice pastes we grind daily from fresh herbs, roots, and spices.
And don't miss the Exotic Fruit Platter featuring seasonal offerings, such as sapodillo, snakefruit, rambutans, and mangosteens, on top of the perennial favorites: delicious papaya and fruity bananas.
If you want to stick to the West, you can't go wrong with a Caesar or a Spinach Salad, followed by Beef Stroganoff on fresh black-pepper fettucine, a classic Carbonara, or a delicious Australian sirloin with your choice of tempting side dishes.
And it wouldn’t be a BGF venue without great desserts and fantastic coffees. Dutch Apple Tart, Devil’s Fudge Cake, and Bruléed Rhubard Custard Tart, not to mention the Brownie Sundae, made with rich French-chocolate brownies and vanilla-bean ice cream cloaked in housemade chocolate sauce. Kids may go for these sweets, but it's definitely not kiddy food at Cinta Grill!
Best yet, you can now spend the night! At the back of the restaurant, you'll discover Cinta Inn, our newly opened, top-drawer boutique inn. This tranquil oasis from Ubud's crowds has seven beautifully appointed, affordably priced rooms that come with a variety of perks, including a lap pool and Cinta's world-class breakfast that locals and visitors have been feasting on for years.